Mar 132009

Seriously, is there anyone else who does a more incisive interview when he wants to than Jon Stewart?

Feb 172009

No seriously, he is. Bagging on the stimulus because it contains $8 billion for high speed trains. Hello, that is exactly the sort of thing the stimulus bill needed more of. High speed rail is a fantastic alternative to driving or cars, and having more of it would go a long way towards reducing the need for oil — depending on how the trains get powered. Now is a fantastic time to muscle through more high speed rail lines, and if Cafferty can’t see that he’s an old fool.

Feb 142009

Excellent essay byJeremy Clarkson of Top Gear about the future of cars. He’s right, the future is hydrogen, and that will be fantastically expensive. One of the things I wish there was more of in the stimulus was long-term massive funding for a hydrogen production system. Hydrogen is the answer and we need to get there as quickly as possible.

Jan 062009

Now that it looks like Al Franken is going to win the Minnesota Senate race, legal challenges pending, I’m left to ponder the concept of Senator Franken. On the face of it there is nothing special about Franken’s candidacy. Plenty of other actors have held political officer after all. I think what I find so outlandish about Franken is that he wasn’t just an actor, wasn’t just a comedian, he was, is, a political satirist. Taking swipes at politicians was how he paid the bills, and now to think he probably going to be a United States Senator just makes me giggle with incredulity. I hope the courts sort out the final tally as quickly as possible — though unlike Reid you’ll never see me calling for Coleman to just give up; it smacks too much of a Florida reversal — and Senator Franken can get down to the business of legislating, because gosh darnit people like him.

Dec 222008

It’s been a running tradition of mine to write down the top five “Things I learned” on my whiteboard at work the last week of the year. Well this year my whiteboard is being used for other things (conversion QQ) so I am forced to use alternative measures. Therefore, without further ado, the top five Things I Learned in 2008:

5) The iPhone really is that great.
4) Super-majorities are over-rated
3) One Cup > 0-16
2) Huge, under-supervised bailouts for mismanaged financial giants = appropriate use of taxpayer funds. Huge under-supervised bailouts for mismanaged manufacturing giants = wasteful spending.