Aug 232010

This morning on Twitter I @ replied to a comment ESPN’s Chris Mortensen made regarding Tony Dungy, and his decision to buy a home in the Pacific Northwest (a topic that deserves its own blog post, tonight most likely). Normally when I make a mention of somebody with greater than 100,000 followers like Mort, I do not expect a comment in return. I especially don’t expect to get not one, but two direct messages and a new follower of my Twitter feed! Now granted Mort follows over 500 people, and his twitterstream is probably nearly impossible to follow because of that and all the @ mentions of him. Still, the thought of my stupid musings on crap from anime to sports hitting his feed strikes me as both hilarious and vaguely terrifying. Certainly I’m probably the only person he currently follows who’s going to be tweeting about High School of the Dead! Not that I expect this to last all that long. Still, I took a snapshot of my followers list just to always have the moment a TV personality put me on follow for a change memorialized.

Nov 092009

Weezer and Sarah Barielles doing (If You’re Wondering If I Want You to) I Want You To, the lead single(?) from the new Weezer album, Raditude.

Honestly, I wish this was the cut they used for the album, nice job. I should get busy writing up my impressions of Raditude — short version, it’s really good.

Feb 122009

I was extremely bored over lunch today and was reading a story about “Boxxy” on the Guardian’s webpage. When I got to the comments section I found this particular piece of lulz

20 Jan 09, 4:43pm
Staff Staff writer
Please note that off-topic comments will be removed from this thread. Any users posting such comments may have their posting rights withdrawn and subsequently have to move with their auntie and uncle in Bel-Air.”

Well played Guardian mods, well played indeed.