May 222009

Today was a potluck day at work, and I had no idea what I was going to bring. My initial plan was to make some sausage and parmesean wonton raviolis. I cooked up some zesty sausage and tossed in a bunch of diced green onions. However, the wonton wrappers just weren’t cutting it so it was neccesary to rethink my approach. In proper Iron Chef style I warmed up some tortillas and went to town putting together some Italian style quesadillas. They should be interesting, would’ve been better if I had some mozzarella for extra cheese melt, but as it stands what I made should be an interesting experiment. Recipe after the jump.
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Jan 262009

I bought a thing of vending machinr yogurt for breakfast today. As I was making my back to my desk I gave the list of ingredients a quick read. By and large it was what you’d expect, fruit, milk that sort of thing. What I did not expect to see was “beef juice extract” as a coloring agent. I don’t even want to know what constitutes “beef juice.”

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Dec 302008

I had an unexpected afternoon off today so I decided to go out for lunch. The problem was I didn’t know what I wanted to eat. Inspired by Top Gear I made a challenge out of it. I would let the Urban Spoon app decide where I would eat. After a few false starts — TCBY would not cut it for lunch — it settled on… Continue reading »

Dec 042008

The Urban Spoon iPhone app that Apple has been so heavily promoting now finally supports Jackson and its surrounding environs. This is excellent because I always trust a computer algorithm more than I do when it comes. To picking where to get dinner.

Too bad their list of restaurants us out of date. So far I’ve found three places that have been closed for years. Still beggers can’t be choosers. Now if only ATT would roll out that 3G service.

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Aug 252008

Country Crock has released a special edition butter that is infused with copious amounts of cinnamon. It is almost sinfully good, and I find myself in the uncomfortable position of wanting to eat the butter on its own. A dangerous proposition to say the least.

Aug 222008

My last fortune cookie told me “You will have fortune in everything you put your hands to.” They might as well have gone ahead and added the “in bed” to save me the trouble. At least it was an actual fortune rather than some aphorism.

Aug 182008

I saw this on my last trip grocery shopping:


Sprayable pancake batter, brilliant! I think I’ll buy some the next time I’m at the store and try it out. I love how it’s certified USDA organic.

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Aug 032008

I was kicking around in the kitchen tonight and came up with another improved dish. The Buffalo Chicken toasted Sub. As always real simple to make. Take a couple chicken breast strips, lightly bread them and cook over the stove until done. Then cut open a loaf of Italian bread and apply the Buffalo sauce to taste, you can also throw on some mayo or whatever else strikes your fancy. Once the bread has been treated pile on the cooked chicken, cheese, peppers, etc. For maximum authenticity, be sure to use ranch dressing and blue cheese, chopped celery wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Throw the sandwich into a 450 degree oven until the cheese is melty and the bread is toasted. Remove and enjoy!

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Jul 282008

Purely on a whim I whipped up a variant on the classic Buffalo Wing, the Buffalo Chop, and the best part is it was super simple to make. All I did was take some pork chops, slice them up into strips and coat them in bread crumbs. I baked them at around 450 until they were done. Then I dumped the cooked pork into a bowl of Buffalo sauce and coated them liberally. The end result, nice spicy pork bits. Tasty stuff I must say.

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