May 122008

When running through Karazhan over the weekend my brother said something about his shaman looking like a GLBT float thanks to the mishmash of gear he was wearing. Which was funny because it was true. Unfortunately, it also caused one of the guild’s better shammy’s to start popping off about…well i wasn’t exactly paying attention to what he was saying on Team Speak, but he then added in raid chat that he went to a school that was “anti-gay, and so am I.”

I was incredibly tempted to rail the kid, and he is just a high school kid, but I refrained because there were more important things to deal with. So the left and right came together. And, in a show of bipartisanship, proceeded to clear all of Kara. With the exception of Ilhoof because we didn’t have the AOE to take care of the adds.

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Mar 302008

It was an interesting weekend, a little bit ordinary, a little bit exotic. Most of the day Saturday was dedicated to plundering Karazhan again. Naturally it was a fully clear. The drops really did fall my way as well. Three more pieces of the healing plate set fell into my lap. More importantly though I finally got my tanking shoulders as well as the Tier 4 helm. Not to mention plenty of sweet, sweet badges. The upshot of all of this is that little Miriel is starting to round into shape.

After the Warcraft funs I headed over to Concord to dog sit for the night, the parents were off on some faculty retreat. I bought a pizza, watched five or six episodes of Baccano! and drank a few whiskey sours. In other words, a nice relaxing evening, right up until I went to bed. Then Cocoa, the demon beagle, made her presence felt. She first refused to sleep in my bed, but not before stomping around trying to get comfortable. Then, at six in the morning, she started barking like the invaders were at the gates, and this beagle has one shrill bark, it’s not something a person can sleep through. What is so completely frustrating about when she does stuff like this is that you never know what it is she’s barking at.

Demon beagles excluded, it was nice to do something a little different this weekend. In truth it wasn’t that different from how I normally spend a weekend, but there was just enough variety to spice things up a bit. This week is the Explosions in the Sky concert, so that should be fun.

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