Jan 082011

Hooray, I think the move to a new webhost was successful. The old DNS is still propagating, but everything else seems to be working. Now I have better control over my WordPress install, yay!

Sep 292008

I just upgraded to the v1.0 of the Librio theme. This doesn’t mean much for the reader, but I’m very pleased because it includes the meta section on the sidebar. Hooray for having a link to log into my own blog!

Yes, I know it’s possible to edit the sidebar code myself. This way is much cleaner than if I hacked at the CSS. Now maybe I’ll change that author image…

Jul 232008

Slincoln Blogs is now running at WordPress v2.5.1. Which means that the neat iPhone app they just released is now slincoln blogs compatible! Now I just need to go through and tag all my old posts.

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Mar 142008

Today is the first day of a whole week off from work — to celebrate this fact I am drinking a very large, and very blue margarita. I plan to spend the time bringing order to the chaos that is my apartment — there are some boxes that will be empty before the week is out. Plus I want to write a new blog post each day, assuming I can find something to talk about, and even if not. And most importantly I will spend the time not thinking about work.

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Jan 122008

How fancy is this my very own blog! I’ll get some customized fancy stuff thrown up sooner or later. But for now default is fine. My goal is to have semi-regular updates about all the crap I find interesting, sports, games, etc. Should be fun.


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