Dec 312011

Let’s see if I can squeeze this in under the gun. Best five films I saw this year, and admittedly I missed out on a lot of flicks this year.

5) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 2 – The end of an era
4) Thor – By Odin’s beard this was a fun film
3) Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol – Who knew Brad Bird was such an accomplished live action director too? The humor and physicality of this film is what sets it apart as an action movie in my mind.
2) Captain America – Or as I like to call it, The Rocketeer Pt. 2. It was the Captain America movie we all were waiting for, and my anticiption for the Avengers is at a fever pitch
1) The Muppets – What a love letter to Jim Henson. Just an absolutely beautiful film.

Dec 302011

As I’ve amply proven in the past, I am a fan of fan fiction, both reading and creating. This is admittedly a bit of an oddball opinion since amongst non-aficionados fan fiction is barely a step above furries on the scorn scale. There is good reason for that since 99.99% of the output in the realm of fan fiction is terrible. However, just because most of the output is terrible doesn’t mean all of it is terrible. In the interest of defending a form I’ve enjoyed, I’m going to start doing spotlight pieces on stories that I feel rise above the drek. To that end, for the inaugural entry in Fan Fiction Corner I’ll be looking at a small novel from the risible genre of Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley romance entitled Ghost of You.

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Dec 162011

For the longest time I irrationally avoided Florence + the Machine’s first album Lungs — I was weirded out by the cover art. Once I got over those reservations I discovered I loved her sound. So much so that I quickly went out and bought the collection of B-Sides she put out last year. Now Florence had a new album Ceremonial out, does it live up to the rest of the Florence canon?

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Dec 122011

The Muppets have always been one of things I’ve put in the category of “Good.” As one of those kids who grew up on the combo platter of Sesame Street, The Muppet Show (and Muppet Babies) the creations of Jim Henson hold a special place in my heart. One that until recently I considered that affection somewhat unique. Which is an odd position to hold now that I think about it, but there you have it. With the release of Jason Segel’s The Muppets I’ve finally realized just how beloved The Muppets are to my generation.

Let’s just lay the cards on the table, I have a blinding love for this movie. I know people were skeptical when it was announced Jason Segal was making a Muppet Movie, but i don’t think people realized the level of obsession Segal has with puppetry — and hearing him describe it, creepy is the right word. Jason Segel set out to make a love letter to the work Jim Henson and company did and The Muppets delivers on that in spades. I However, it accomplishes this not just through sentimental touches –the several prominent inclusions of Henson’s picture I found highly moving, and Rainbow Connection was beautiful — but by being funny. traveling by map, and the power of montage were the sort of sly fourth-wall breaking jokes that the Muppets have always traded in, and the reveal of Walter’s human counterpart brought the house down in the theater I saw it in. And while none of the cameos rose to the brilliance of Steve Martin in the Muppet Movie:

Jack Black delivered strong work as the shanghaied special celebrity guest, and I loved Dave Grohl’s understated appearance. Even Frank Oz’s dreaded fart shoes joke was completely natural and felt very Fozzy.

If there’s anything about The Muppets that rings false, it’s the notion that the telethon would ever be a failure. The box office success of the film proves that you just have to say Muppets and people my age will say

Really in the end, all I need to say about The Muppets is that I went to see it with my parents and at the end of the movie they both left the theater saying it was the best movie they’d seen in years. It’s pure Muppets, and therefore Good.