Aug 282008

So here we go, Obama’s acceptance speech, I’ve got a glass of scotch by my said, let’s get this party started. Thoughts as the speech happens

Obama comes out to U2, City of Blinding Lights, good choice.
The nice thing about a venue as hueg as Mile High is that he can talk over the applause if he wants to.
And in case anyone cares, he’s wearing an American Flag lapel pin.
Should have put a stopwatch on how long it took to get the crowd settled.
Obama accepts the nomination, I wonder how bit the temptation is to say, “thanks but no thanks.”
First thing he does after accepting the nod is to thank the Clintons.
Biden’s daughter is kinda hot.
Michelle Obama could be the next Oprah.
“Hard Work and Sacrifice,” more like Hard Work and Guts, amirite?
I really hope he goes aspirational, the moment demands it.
“Eight is Enough,” oh that was a good one,
If Obama can keep hammering how McCain is not a “maverick” I feel really good about this election
Skewering McCain over the “nation of whiners” gaff is good stuff. Real good stuff.
“Time for them to own their failure.” Good riff on Bush’s “Ownership Society.”
Clinton is the Democratic Party’s Reagan.
That’s the thing, Obama is a total modern day Horatio Alger story.
Ooohhh, taking on McCain’s claim that Obama’s just a celebrity, nice
It totally sounded like he was about to say the Market rewards drunk driving
This is shaping up to be a policy speech, not some straight out of West Wing high oratory.
Oooh, one decade no more Middle East oil…considering how much we get from places not called Saudi Arabia, that’s probably doable.
Aw, clean coal. oooh, nuclear. And the shout out to Detroit.
150 billion over ten years for renewable energy. Good stuff.
Now we’re onto education. More preschool, teachers, etc.
I’m still not quite sold on his health care plan.
Equal pay, that’ll grab the true Hillary-ites
Trim corporate loopholes and streamline government, that’s very Clintonian.
Government is not the nanny, ride that third way
Obama, spits hot fire
Oh snap, “McCain won’t follow Bin Laden to the cave where he lives.”
Swinging hard at McCain.
“You can’t stop a terrorist organization in 80 countries by occupying Iraq.” True enough
Wont suggest McCain takes his positions for political purposes. Back to the one America theme, that always works
Being defiant on the Patriotism claim, go get em.
We’re now into the high oratory portion of the speech I think
Fighting the swift boats here
I was wondering when we’d get an “I have a Dream” reference.
Ugh, they’re playing country??? the appeal to red state voters has gone too far…
ooohhhhh, Fireworks.
somebody on PBS has a live mic, and it’s pretty hilarious
and the Michigan Democratic Party has already hit me up for more money
All in all, I think it was a serviceable speech. Very policy heavy, the end was a bit more of what I was looking for, but never gave me the goose bumps that I got from that famous 2004 convention speech.

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