Sep 222008

Heroes season three premiere, let’s do it

Starting off, Evil Claire is…predictably dressed. You know she’s evil from the black leather
I’m not sure why she thought a gun would take down Peter. The guy is both invulnerable and can control space time
oohhhhhhh, very very nice touch with Future!Peter being the shooter of Nathan.
I’d be more upset if I thought Nathan was dead
Guess I was right.
Hiro farting around with the clock was hilarious
never say stuff like that Hiro.
Syler…oh this isn’t good
and quite a nice diss of last season there by Sylar, talking about detours south of the border
Ok, two things claire. If you have a knife, make with the stabby stabby. Two, don’t hide in a closet
Ahhhh, Mohinder, always trying to go home to India.
Indy, they’re digging in the wrong place
“Hire I am leaving you a dangerous secret…the secret herbs and spices
Somebody had some real fun with the special effects for Flash girl
Is it just me, or is the new Jim Carrey film a lot like Liar, Liar?
I think I prefer Baltar as my screwed up Jesus figure
“Give Powers? You dipstick, that’s not what I wanted?!?”
The day Mohinder makes a smart move i will be gobsmacked.
Syler’s brain surgery is…icky
I wish people would stop spouting that we only use 10% of our brain garbage.
At the rate this show is going, by the end everyone is going to be Wolverine.
Mohinder, listen to Chips…or is she Salsa?
Soooo, Baltar gets Number Six, and Nathan gets Linderman? Life isn’t fair for poor Nathan.
Dahhh, poor Grunberg, that scorpion was creepy
Hiro, going into the future is an incredibly bad idea.
Though Ando throwing a hydoken at Hiro was pretty lulz
Mama Petrelli showing some balls there.
I want something very bad to happen to poor Mohinder
“No Mom, he didn’t rape me, he just chopped my head open and played with the goo inside.”
Huh, Syler took away Claire’s ability to feel pain…interesting
Oh dumb Mohinder, drunk on power
Syler versus the Company was hilarious.
awww Kristen Bell <3
Live blogging a two hour episode is hard, so forget it. You’re on your own for the rest of this one.

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