Oct 022008

Standing outside the State Theater waiting for doors to open for tonight’s Umphrey’s show. I feel like trying out live blogging the show, assuming the Word Press app complies, should be fun. I’ll put the result behind a cut afterwards.

7:05 – setup behind the board and ready for the show to begin. Apparently the bassists mother is doing a stand up routine as the opener. We’ll see how it goes.

7:59 – finally the show is starting. Who is this took doing announcements?

8:06 – yes, Stasik’s mother is doing stand up. How surreal. I demand a Palin joke since she’s in the same demographic

8:13 – joke’s are over. She wasn’t awful, but it’s hardly the right venue for standup. The band is now taking the stage let’s get this started

8:15 – feels like a n2f opener, very nice way to start a night of Umphrey

8:31 – Jake and Stasik are playing almost matching colored instruments…and I think we’ve segued out of N2F, but it feels like it might come back.

8:36 – ok so not back to n2f. I should know what they’ve dropped into, but I can’t recall it right now. Still the chugging groove is nice.

8:43 – I have come to a realization… I’m the only person in the building wearing a tie…awesome

8:49 – first break of the night. “it’s great to be back in this wonderful room. Has it really been five years since they last played here?

9:03 – secured myself a gin and tonic, should go well with an empty stomach. I’m also camped onto the state theater’s wifi.

9:14 – Making Flippy Floppy! Third(?) time I’ve seen them play this

9:20 – KB, the sound guy, is reading up on the VP debate, lulz

9:25 – and they bring the first set to a close where it begins, N2f

9:47 – KB fires up the Cubs game before the start of the second set.

9:50 – Stasik has put on a hat. Yes, this is the sort of hard hitting analysis only slincoln blogs can bring. They also started off with Mrs. Tinkles which is nice

10:03 – in other sartorial news the guy running lights tonight, not Adam Budney, is wearing a Red Sox 2004 champs tshirt. I like the man already. Plus he’s doing yeoman’s work on the lights.

10:17 – and back into Tinkles, epic call backs are epic. And somebody chucked a very large, very red bra on stage. It’s a little bit do not want.

10:30 – All in Time! This show is so on it’s rediculous. The only way it could be better is if they drop a …And Justice For All or Cherub Rock. Plus Jake is playing a prototype Moog guitar, one of only six in the world, looks nice.

10:33 – I just noticed somebody threw another bra on stage… It is equally do not want.

10:43 – when they return to AiT after this little diversion they’re on right now it will be beyond epic.

10:53 – nice countrified bit in the All in Time outro. Very clean guitar from Bayliss right now, which I love.

10:59 – end of set 2. Very very solid set. Hopefully the encore will deliver

11:04 – encore starts. Song goes out to all the ladies in the crowd for littering the stage with underwear. The Girl is Mine > jane says > girl is mine

11:16 – Believe thr Lie is kind of a meh closer, should it prove to be. Also dipsticks trying to crowd surf should keep their feet on the ground.

11:23 – and that’s the show. Epic second set was definitely epic. Time I break down gear, get my UmLive and find dinner

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