Mar 062009

Standing outside The Ark waiting to get into tonight’s Jonathan Coulton show it strikes me that this event deserves a live blog.

*7:19 – This line has the highest density of iPhone users I’ve ever seen.

7:23 – I haven’t rolled tape in ages, hopefully no hassles tonight.

7:28 – just saw a dog walk past carrying a glow ball. Silly rave dog.

7:32 – the line is moving huge success!

7:43 – no hassles, rig is set. They replaced the chairs, and I have to say it’s a huge improvement.

7:49 – I need to buy a new shockmount. The elastics in my A20 are pretty well shot.

8:12 – Paul and Storm are the opening band. They’re not bad, though too nasally for me to listen to regularly.

8:39 – Paul, at least I think it’s Paul, looks kinds like Lewis Black. Funny dudes.

9:01 – Paul and Storm are done. Now is time for set break.

9:08 – For the record “that” person is sitting dead front center, and has an awful faux-mullet. I hate her to the very core of my being.

9:11 – set break music has been excellent: James Brown, ZZ Top, Foo Fighters, good stuff.

9:23 – Coulton takes the stage. There’s a post completely blocking my sight lines. The things I do for my “tapes.”

9:32 – somebody just gave Coulton a mug and Starbucks gift card…anarchy reigns.

9:54 – Paul and Storm join Jon…Paul is wearing a Capt. Hammer shirt now, oy. And they’re doing a song about the US men’s curling team.

10:00 – codemonkey, work those hits.

10:08 – it’s descended into a soft rock medley…ye gods. And a hey jude sing a long closer. Sooper cheese excellent.

10:27 – Jon’s got a cut down synthaxe drumitar! Except it’s not really a drumitar…Futureman would be so proud.

10:49 – yay, Still Alive! \o/. Though I do miss the electric guitar…

10:52 – and now he’s autographing a cake…yeah, Ann Arbor.

11:09 – and that’s the main set

11:17 – Sweet Caroline, so appropriate since baseball season is almost here. Go Sox…though DMB does a better cover…

11:29 – heading back to the car listening to the 722. First two songs are pretty good actually, though it’s going to be a pain to get it converted. All in all a very fun show, money well spent and I’ll definitely go again when I get the chance.

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