Apr 072009

Thanks to a hot tip from Danny Choo I tried out a monitor spanning app called Teleport. Put simply, Teleport lets you control other Macs remotely. However, instead of doing it like a Remote Desktop, it behaves like a dual display. Which makes it great if you have two Macs next to each other on your desk, but if you’re looking to control a second Mac that’s sitting in another room this won’t do much good. Teleport is very good at what it does, there’s a neat little animation when you move the cursor between computers, but it is not entirely what I am looking for — I need Remote Desktop but am unwilling to shell out three hundred bucks. (UpdateA little Googling turned up this little gem about the VNC server built into OS X which obviates the need for the expensive Remote Desktop.) Regardless, like I said, if you have multiple Macs sitting on your desk, give Teleport a look to reduce keyboard clutter.

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