Apr 252009

The Lions signed Stafford. I was more or less resigned to this quite some time ago. I can’t really say the decision excites me, but then again, I was fired up when the Lions drafted Joe Harrington. I do agree with the idea that you have to lock down your quarterback in order to succeed in the NFL, and history does kind of say that the best way to do that is to draft one high — the last four teams to win the Super Bowl did so with a quarterback drafted in the top 15 after all. Plus I’ve been swayed by those talking heads who said that Aaron Curry would not provide proper value for the pick. Hopefully Culpepper will be adequate this year so Stafford can take his time getting acclimated, and who knows, maybe the kid really be the second coming of Bobby Layne.

What I’m more interested in is what the team does with the four other picks it has in the first round. Mayhew and Schwartz absolutely have to address the deficiencies at mike linebacker and DL, and more depth at OL would be fine too.

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