Apr 262009

I’ve already made my feelings known about the Matthew Stafford selection, but the Lions still had two other picks in Day One. With the twentieth pick the team selected TE Brandon Pettigrew. Now on the surface this was a poor selection given all the deficiencies at defense. However, the Lions haven’t had a really good tight end since…Charlie Sanders. Pettigrew isn’t flashy like a Jeremy Shockey, but he’s a complete player who should be starter. So I liked the pick. Now with the thirty-third pick the Lions drafted S Louis Delmas. This pick I had problems with, simply because the top two middle linebackers were still on the board. Granted a lot of people had Delmas as the top safety available, but the Lions have had a gaping hole in the middle of the defense for a very long time. What better way to restart a desultory defense then by drafting a new leader for it?

What am I looking for in Day 2 is the team to select a MLB, o-line depth, and d-line depth. If they can add those pieces this will be a very successful draft.

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