Jul 092009

Ever watch something that was making people go “Yeah!” and come away saying “meh?” That was me watching Needless.

Needless is a new show this summer, can’t say that I know what studio is behind it, or really anything about the show. However, I also don’t care so that’s ok. Needless seems to be about a bunch of super powered fighting dudes in a post-apocalyptic Tokyo ruled by a tyranical pharmaceutical company. The fighting dudes power up and attack with their special attacks — which are helpfully identified by splash screens when they deploy them. There’s also something about a resistence, and the de rigeur wimpy kid who will power up to over 9000 before the show’s over I’m sure. And in finest anime tradition, the protagonists even have a white-haired scientist around to provide all the exposition you could possibly want. The problem is Needless suffers from the sin of trying too hard. It’s fighting dudes! It’s slapstick! It’s extreme! It’s boring.

Sure, I get what they’re doing with the show. And sure, I enjoy my manly hot blood as much as the next guy. The thing about Needless is that it has no soul, no sense of fun. Without that the show is nothing more than a bunch of dudes shouting nonsense and punching each other.

It might be worth keeping up with Needless for a couple more episodes to let them explain the world a little better — like why they call the dudes Needless for one thing. But following the show for it’s entire run? That’s really Needless.

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