Sep 082009


Yes, I need to dustSo I broke down and bought the PS3 Slim today. There are a variety of rationalizations for the decision, but the bottom line is, I bought it. And I have to say, it is a very impressive machine. In fact, and I don’t think I’m really breaking any new ground in saying this, but it is far superior to the 360 as a device. It’s smaller, and quieter, than Microsoft’s offering. It doesn’t have the big fussy power brick the 360 does. The wireless controllers charge via a standard USB cable. Wi-Fi doesn’t require an expensive dongle. These are all brilliant little touches that strike me as almost Apple-esque.

Now in terms of games, that’s a different story, I still think more of the games I want to play are Microsoft exclusive titles. Plus my collection of plastic instruments makes buying future music games for the PS3 platform an expensive proposition. But, I’ll have to think long and hard about future multi-platform games. Maybe I’ll flip a coin.

In any event, kudos to Sony for finally turning the PS3 into a winning device.

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