Oct 072009

One of the 2.5 shows shows I followed this past anime summer season was Canaan by PA Works.

Canaan is…well, I’ll be honest I’m not quite sure what it’s about. I dont know if there is source material — a game, novel, manga — or if it’s an original work — though I think it’s based off a game or something. The show is set in modern day Shanghai and follows a wannabe investigative journalist and his ditzy photographer sidekick as they get enveloped in a nefarious plot involving a shadowy terrorist organization. Actually no that has it backwards, the reporter is the sidekick who gets sucked in due to the ditz’s connection with a mysterious…gun for hire named Canaan. Naturally Canaan has a prior history with the terrorist leader, and did I mention she had synesthesia? Which in this world gives you hax gun shooting powers.

Canaan is certainly reminiscent of Darker Than Black, a favorite of mine from a few years back. It’s not quite as noir as DtB, but both featured powered up secret agents fighting behind the veneer of society and conspiracy abounds. The pair are also both well animated, especially the action sequences, and present themselves as having a deeper subtext when probably there is none.

The show was not without it’s share of problems, but in general they were minor. Maria, the ditz, said “sugoi” way way way too much in the early episodes for instance. The attempted lesbian subtext between Canaan and Maria started to really grate after a while, because it really wasn’t subtext, yet the characters behaved like it was. There was also a bit of “everyone knows everyone else” syndrome going on. The show maybe took too long to unspool what everything meant, to the extent things were explained. Finlly, the ending felt a little too uneven. Not that it actually is the ending, there are movies due to come out at some point.

All in all Canaan was a fun little series that has just enough shoot ’em up to offset the plot deficiencies. Plus I dug the opening. If you’re in the mood for some gun shootings it’s worth a look.

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  1. it’s original to the extent that the story and script is. the world and some of the elements in the show is based on a game called 418.

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