May 042010

One of the new shows I’m following this season is Angel Beat, but I find myself asking the question, why?

Let’s be honest this is a weird show. High schoolers battling an agent of god in some sort of Purgatory? And their leader is a blatant Haruhi copy? And they have a band? Presumably everything is building to a grand explanation of the setting — though it’s an anime, explanations are often in short supply — but until it gets there the whole thing feels very stitched together with lots of cookie cutter characters.

Now having said that, I still find myself intrigued. For starters the animation is pretty good, especially the band bits. Also I really dug the third episode. But beyond that, I can’t help shake this feeling that these kids are raging against the wrong light. That they are fighting for all the wrong reasons, and I think that would be a fun twist. Of course I am a couple episodes behind, so maybe more of the setting is already explained and I’m wrong. Still it would be a fun subversion, and probably won’t shake out that way. Or it will, but will frame their fight in a positive light.

Angel Beat certainly is not appointment tv for me — not like Durarara! or Doctor Who are certainly — but at least I’m interested in where the story is headed, so that’s something.

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