Aug 142010

Sooo, the Scott Pilgrim movie, Scott Pilgrim vs the World. The movie was watched, and now let’s review. Round one, Fight!Let’s keep this short. The movie is excellent. Different from the books, but still excellent. There’s a tremendous, almost manic energy that propels the film. Something I don’t think you find the comic. All the video game design cues, the split screens, speed lines, abrupt shifts in scene, it’s dizzying in the good sort of way, and presents a very subtle nod that maybe Scott is not the most trustworthy narrator of his story.

Then the cast! Oh the cast. Alison Pill was amazing, and sorely underused as Kim Pine. Kieran Culkin’s Wallace Wells was one of the best things ever! Mary Winstead absolutely was Ramona. Anna Kendrick is adorable, and I will never say a bad thing about her. Michael Cera….didn’t suck. All of the evil exes were spectacular — except for the twins who never really got a chance to be anything — Jason Schwartzman was deliciously slimy as Gideon, and everyone’s already heaped praise on Chris Evans and Brandon Routh so you don’t need me adding on.

Like I said, the movie had a different feel than the books, and by and large I didn’t really care that there were differences. That is what happens when you take six graphic novels and compress them down to a single, two-hour film. That being said, and really this was completely unavoidable, I vastly preferred the fight with Gideon as shown in the book than the one in the film. Ramona plays more of an active role, and I would’ve loved to see them break out that X-Strike dual tech (yay Chrono Trigger!). Though I did really dig the 8-bit sword Gideon used, and Scott’s battle with Nega-Scott was delightful.

All in all, Scott Pilgrim vs the World lived up to it’s namesake and it’s a movie I definitely want to see again.

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