Dec 012010


At approximately 12:30 am Tuesday my dad’s beloved Basset Hound, Muddy, passed away from complications due to acute pancreatitis. He was approximately nine years old — getting up in years for the breed, but not that old. And he was, by far, the sweetest, gentlest dog I have ever known.
Muddy being stepped on by a hyperactive beagle. I can’t remember once in the six years my parents had him Muddy ever snapping at me, even when I had to take away food he swiped off the counter.

Typical for his breed, Muddy loved food, taking naps, and rooting around outside. His long Basset ears were forever dirty from being dragged through whatever he had eaten, and drool. He never was what you would call a brave dog, he hated getting his nails trimmed. But above all else, Muddy was a good friend, and the best basset ever. We’ll miss you champ.

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  1. Hey, it’s chami from the MTF. Saw your avatar and figured what had happened – just wanted to drop a line here and share my condolences.

    Like your parents I had lost my basset hound of 9 years last year. They’re a handful, hard to train, and smelly, but they’re the best dogs you could ever have. Loyal to a fault, and always by your side. Even if I had been out of country for years, my dog would still snuggle up to me on the couch during my visits.

    Basset hounds forever <3.

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