Jan 172011

So how’s your off-season been?It might be a little hyperbolic of me to say, but this has been probably the best off-season in the history of the Red Sox. Taking the long view, other years you can definitively say were more impactful — like when they traded for Pedro, or Schilling, but those were single moves that at the time didn’t really feel like a sea change. This year however, by going out and first trading for Adrian Gonzalez, then signing Carl Crawford to a surprise big money contract, and following all that up with an array of fresh bullpen arms? Nothing comes close. The power that Gonzalez brings matched with the speed and defense of Crawford, matched up with the bats already there, plus some outstanding starting pitching makes the Red Sox by far the best team in the American League, if not all of baseball.

Now of course there’s a reason they play the games. None of these moves Theo made could work out and the Sox could be saddled with a collection of enormous contracts for years to come (just like John Lackey). But then I look at the overlay of Adrian Gonzalez’s hit chart at Fenway and I feel alright.
That’s like thirty home runs, he is going to crush the ball, and it will be awesome. I can also tell myself that the additions of Dan Wheeler and Bobby Jenks to the bullpen will mean it’s not the disaster in waiting it was last year. Plus of the trio of Beckett, Lackey, and Dice-K at least one, if not more, will have to have a bounceback year, right? All in all though, the weaknesses of the Sox are less than those of other teams in the AL East — the Yankees have talent but it’s old, the Rays have talent but it’s young, etc. So I really like the Sox’s chances of making a run at the AL East title, and hopefully bashing their way to a third (third!) World Series title.

tl;dr can we start the season now?

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