Jun 142011

I wear a Red Sox hat now, Red Sox hats are cool.jpg
I wear a Red Sox hat now, Red Sox hats are cool.

The current roadtrip for the Red Sox has seen the team laying waste to the AL East, or as beat writer Pete Abraham put it on Twitter during the last game against the Blue Jays:

There hasn’t been this much destruction on a road trip since the Mongol Invasion of Europe. #RedSox 49-18 in six games so far


The Sox then went and scored 11 more runs in that game. To say that the Sox are on a tear is an understatement, rampage would be more accurate. What stands out most to me is the last game of the Yankees series, the one with the three hour rain delay. The Yankees jumped out to an early two-nothing lead, and the Sox scrapped together a pair of runs to tie the game, before breaking out with five runs in the bottom of the seventh. And that was all she wrote. The three games in Toronto were even more lopsided. It is just a joy to watch this team play baseball right now because this is exactly what everyone expected would happen going into the season. Nright now if I was Theo I would be sitting back in the owner’s box, a cigar in my mouth, doing my best Hannibal Smith impersonation.

Of course this won’t last. There’s no way a team can sustain this level of offense over the course of the remainder of the season. There will be additional bumps in the road, perhaps starting tonight in Tampa against the ever pesky Rays. And even this current winning streak was preceded by a four game losing streak. But at least this current streak has firmly expunged the bad taste of April. Now the Sox are firmly locked in a battle for first place, and should hopefully stay there for the remainder of the season. Which is right where we expected them to be all along.

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