Jun 192011


I’ve been in the mood to play a more straight ahead shooty game recently. So I picked up a copy of the most recent Medal of Honor game, and I must say I was impressed. I’ll put my thoughts after the jump for spoiler’s sake.

The single-player campaign actually told a compelling story. There were several moments where wondered if the dude I was playing as weren’t going to make it. The mission as the Ranger squad defending the LZ was especially at this, and when the Apache gunships showed up I was properly stoked. And the decision to end the game with the death of the SEAL character you had spent most of the game playing as was equally moving. Te trouble with setting a FPS shooter game in a current US war zone is getting across the hard truth that for all the fantastic skill of the US operators, just being able to kill more of the other guys doesn’t always mean victory. By having “Rabbit” die to some degree makes that point without being very political about it, and tones down some of the rah-rah jingoism that can also creep into a game like this.

All that being said, I still thought this was a flawed game. For one thing, the story mode was terrifically short, just a couple hours at best. While I don’t expect every game to be Fallout: New Vegas, I do like a little more meat on the bone. I also thought the ATV segments were dreadful, and did not provide much, and that the Apache gunship section was entirely too rail shooter. I also had moments where I wasn’t sure what exactly the game wanted me to kill, especially in the sniper segments. I can’t speak to the multiplayer because I won’t touch that with a ten-foot poll.

All in all though, it was a fun enough game to pick up on the cheap, and did something I always like, surprise me.

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