Dec 312011

Let’s see if I can squeeze this in under the gun. Best five films I saw this year, and admittedly I missed out on a lot of flicks this year.

5) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 2 – The end of an era
4) Thor – By Odin’s beard this was a fun film
3) Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol – Who knew Brad Bird was such an accomplished live action director too? The humor and physicality of this film is what sets it apart as an action movie in my mind.
2) Captain America – Or as I like to call it, The Rocketeer Pt. 2. It was the Captain America movie we all were waiting for, and my anticiption for the Avengers is at a fever pitch
1) The Muppets – What a love letter to Jim Henson. Just an absolutely beautiful film.

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