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2010 was a down year musically for me, especially when compared to 2009. Without records by the likes of Silversun Pickups, the Dave Matthews Band, or Jenny Owen Youngs, the music scene just didn’t grab my attention as much. That being said, there was still some excellent music released in 2010. Continue reading »

Girl Talk, Feed the Animals

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Aug 032008

I picked up Girl Talk’s latest album, Feed the Animals. I’ve mentioned Girl Talk before, and after listening to the entire album it only reinforces my initial impression. What “Girl Talk” has done is take an entire music library and thrown it into a blender. What the listener is left with is a mash up of gigantic proportions. Most of the time he is content with layering rap vocals on top of rock/pop tracks, though occaisionally the formula gets reversed, and even ignored. None of the album’s tracks consist of entire songs, a rights issue perhaps, but that only serves to enhance the sense of musical stew that pervades the work.

To be honest most of the songs leave me a little cold because I just don’t know modern rap all that well, but there’s always some new surprise waiting for you that makes it worthwhile. I could try to list some of my favorite combinations, but there are just too many to enumerate. The price is right so why not check it out.