Apr 042009

I was sitting I’m front of my computer as I’m usually prone to do on a Saturday when I happened to look out my window. It’s a fine day, so I logged off WoW and went for a walk. I don’t do this nearly enough, get out and breath fresh air, soak up natural lighting. This is the good stuff. As and added bonus a circuit around the the apartment property takes a good twenty minutes to a half hour so it’s decent exercise. And I even took pictures!

Mar 252009

Here’s a great use for the iTunes Music Store iPhone app that I don’t think Apple intended for. The other day I was in Best Buy to pick up the remastered release of Pearl Jam’s Ten. While I was there another CD caught my eye, Amy MacDonald’s “This is the Life.” I’ve never heard of her so I fired up the iTMS app, did a search for the album, and listened to a few samples. Apple’s intention might be for me to buy that album through the iTMS, but I get as much value in just having ready access to a huge library of samples is tremendously valuable to me.

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Feb 232009

Now I’m not trying to go all KSK on Peter King’s most recent edition of the Monday Morning Quarterback, but the last sentence bugged me to no end.

f. I got the Blackberry Storm. Phones are never going to be the same again.

Oh really Peter, phones will never be the same again because RIM came out with an iPhone clone?

Dec 302008

I had an unexpected afternoon off today so I decided to go out for lunch. The problem was I didn’t know what I wanted to eat. Inspired by Top Gear I made a challenge out of it. I would let the Urban Spoon app decide where I would eat. After a few false starts — TCBY would not cut it for lunch — it settled on… Continue reading »

Dec 222008

It’s been a running tradition of mine to write down the top five “Things I learned” on my whiteboard at work the last week of the year. Well this year my whiteboard is being used for other things (conversion QQ) so I am forced to use alternative measures. Therefore, without further ado, the top five Things I Learned in 2008:

5) The iPhone really is that great.
4) Super-majorities are over-rated
3) One Cup > 0-16
2) Huge, under-supervised bailouts for mismanaged financial giants = appropriate use of taxpayer funds. Huge under-supervised bailouts for mismanaged manufacturing giants = wasteful spending.

Dec 042008

The Urban Spoon iPhone app that Apple has been so heavily promoting now finally supports Jackson and its surrounding environs. This is excellent because I always trust a computer algorithm more than I do when it comes. To picking where to get dinner.

Too bad their list of restaurants us out of date. So far I’ve found three places that have been closed for years. Still beggers can’t be choosers. Now if only ATT would roll out that 3G service.

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Sep 162008

While I was standing I’m line waiting for my lunch I did was I always do, check my email with the iPhone. This time a man wearing a cunning hat came up to me and asked, “is that an iPhone?”. He then peppered me with questions about the device, plan pricing, etc. I was surprisingly balanced in my response, going out of my way to play up the things about the iPhone that I find sub-standard, while at the same time saying it’s a brilliant phone. In all honesty I’m not sure there’s much I could have said either way to sway re gentleman on his purchasing decision. He seemed pretty fired up about returning his Instinct and getting the iPhone. It was a conversation I never expected to have in a Kentucky Fried Chicken that’s for sure.

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Aug 062008

There’s nothing more pretentious for an iPhone user to to than leaving the default “Sent from my iPhone” signature in place for sending email. It’s nothing more than showing off the fact that you have an iPhone. And yes, I still haven’t changed it on mine.

Sent from my iPhone.

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