Dec 302010

I have a simple rule when it comes to…well any sort of media content; if I don’t think I’ll like it I won’t consume it. Admittedly this means I’ll miss out on stuff I probably would like, but it also keeps me from watching a lot of crap. What does this have to do with my Top Five Anime of 2010? Simply that the pool I drew this list from was nowhere near encyclopedic.
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Jun 122009

I’m aware that plenty of people have hashed this one to death, but up to this point K-on has been a disappontment. I say this despite an epic teacher, and some tasty songs. The telling point was really the first beach episode, when Yui “rocked” out in front of the fireworks. Instead of playing music appropriate for this classic rock god moment, KyoAni went for something that accentuated the heartwarming mood of the scene. It’s a valid approach, but less interesting to me. I recognize that KyoAni is not out to make another Beck, DMC, or Metalocalypse, but would it kill them to give up a bit more Guitar Hero moments? Maybe the last few episodes will kick it up to eleven, but so far the show refused to catch the outside corner of the plate.