Nov 172010

Kevin Pereira (@kpereira)
11/17/10 1:10 PM
Ali Velshi: Read a wiki or three before making statements about terrorism and the TSA, or STFU!! Come on AOTS. I’ll end you.
This is why I enjoy wasting spending time on Twitter, you occasionally see the host of an hour long light comedy program just light into a CNN reporter over the new TSA screening policies. Ever since the Internet first came around there was a lot of talk about how it “flattens” social structures, and I believe Twitter is the purest expression of that phenomenon.

Oct 232010

I’m standing here at an Umphrey’s McGee show, and I can see the Kevin Browning’s — Umphrey’s sound guy — Twitter feed. Why does this matter? Because I can see the tweeds I’ve sent today that mention him and the band. This makes me feel rather presumptuous, even though that’s one of the points of Twitter. Still, I don’t like being that guy who @ mentions every celebrity-type he follows in hopes of getting a response.

Oct 062010

another day, another RT from a member of sports media, if this keeps up I’ll stop bothering to highlight it on the blog.

Peter King (@SI_PeterKing)
10/6/10 8:46 AM
RT @shlincoln: The bigger point Peter, made by many I’m sure, is this Pats D is not that Pats D … Absolutely right. You all are right.

Aug 252010
Detroit Lions (@jschwartzlions)
8/25/10 11:37 AM
Just had the pleasure of meeting Joe Paquette, who walked 425 miles from Munising to AP. The loyalty of #Lions fans never ceases to amaze me

Speaking as a bitter, and highly burned, Lions fan, this is quite possibly the best bit of black comedy I’ve read in ages.

Aug 232010

This morning on Twitter I @ replied to a comment ESPN’s Chris Mortensen made regarding Tony Dungy, and his decision to buy a home in the Pacific Northwest (a topic that deserves its own blog post, tonight most likely). Normally when I make a mention of somebody with greater than 100,000 followers like Mort, I do not expect a comment in return. I especially don’t expect to get not one, but two direct messages and a new follower of my Twitter feed! Now granted Mort follows over 500 people, and his twitterstream is probably nearly impossible to follow because of that and all the @ mentions of him. Still, the thought of my stupid musings on crap from anime to sports hitting his feed strikes me as both hilarious and vaguely terrifying. Certainly I’m probably the only person he currently follows who’s going to be tweeting about High School of the Dead! Not that I expect this to last all that long. Still, I took a snapshot of my followers list just to always have the moment a TV personality put me on follow for a change memorialized.