Nov 052008

This pretty well sums up last night.

I’d love to know what Jesse was thinking about at that moment, I have a strong feeling the Lorraine Motel in Memphis was prominent though.

Nov 042008

Standing in line, waiting to vote. Listening to Pearl Jam’s Indifference. Great song for the moment I think. More updates as I keep waiting

*in the polling room, still no ballot

*civic duty is complete and I has my sticker. Now all I can do is wait and hope.

Nov 032008

I feel very strongly that there are moments in history when remarkable people step up and do remarkable things. Tomorrow is one such moment, and I believe, and admittedly hope, that Barack Obama is one of those remarkable figures that bends history. So if you’re an eligable voter in the US I urge you to reject cynicism, aspire to greatness, and prove just how special a country the US really is by voting for Barack Obama.

Sep 262008

So McCain has decided to hold the debate after all. Despite the fact that we’re nowhere near an agreement on this bailout deal. And to top it all off, report out of the negotiations yesterday suggest that McCain barely said a word throughout the entire proceedings. Exacty the sort of tough leadership the country needs in this time of crisis. It’s like the Bard said:

“…it’is a tale/told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,/signifying nothing.”