Jan 222009

If I’m ever asked to provide a single episode that captures the essence of the show How I Met Your Mother the episode Three Days of Snow…probably wouldn’t be the one I’d use — that honor would go to Slapbet most likely. That being said, this season four episode was still legen…


Really though, the episode hit on every element of the show that works so well(Television Without Pity has the recap. It played on the unreliable narrator, made extensive use of anachronistic storytelling, featured an almost overwhelming amount of self-referential humor — the return of both Carl and Ranjit — and plenty of Barney being awesome. But it was the pitch perfect ending, both the adroitly executed reveal of the episode’s timeline, and then the Love Actually riffed airport scene that was pure schmaltz that somehow against all odds managed to work that truly made it a special episode. Three Days of Snow is one of those episodes that reminds me just how good a show How I Met Your Mother is. Kudos Bays and Thomas you got me this time.

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