Apr 212009

Page 2: Mock Draft For the Ages

Neat little feature ESPN.com’s Page 2 ran where they took every college player in history and treated them like a single draft class. What made this oft-repeated exercise interesting was they only evaluated the players based on their collegiate performance. In other words, they used only the information available to the teams at the time of the draft. This makes for more than just a run down of Hall of Fame players. Granted most of the “busts” selected are really indictments of teams ability in the draft — I’m honestly surprised Mike Mamula wasn’t “drafted” by someone. I also really thought having the Lions draft Charles Rogers with the twentieth overall selection was an extremely low blow. Other than that it’s an entertaining exercise, especially now that every possible thing could be said about the 2009 NFL draft.

Feb 052009

By now it’s readily apparent that the Lions are not going to follow my cunning plan to rebuild the team. They failed to follow through on both points one and two — hire Scott Pioli and Josh McDaniels. There is however still time to act on step three. Offer the draft picks acquired in the Roy Williams trade to New England in exchange for the services of Matt Cassel. Yes, it’s a hefty price to pay for a guy with a single year of experience as a starter in the NFL; however, that’s a year’s more experience than any quarterback available in this year’s draft. It also means the Lions can use the number one pick strengthening the O-line or the defense. As much as I would love to put those two picks to use drafting two starters getting a Pro-Bowl caliber QB is worth it.

Dec 222008

It’s been a running tradition of mine to write down the top five “Things I learned” on my whiteboard at work the last week of the year. Well this year my whiteboard is being used for other things (conversion QQ) so I am forced to use alternative measures. Therefore, without further ado, the top five Things I Learned in 2008:

5) The iPhone really is that great.
4) Super-majorities are over-rated
3) One Cup > 0-16
2) Huge, under-supervised bailouts for mismanaged financial giants = appropriate use of taxpayer funds. Huge under-supervised bailouts for mismanaged manufacturing giants = wasteful spending.